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Your website-the key to recruiting top talent?

Is your website working for you?  Is it doing all it can? 

By now most companies know their website is KEY to attracting and connecting with their perfect clients. 

BUT this is 2021. 

Today, your website has the potential to proactively attract, create and keep clients, communicate your corporate culture AND attract and recruit talent to your business.

That’s right. In today’s global digital economy, qualified and enthusiastic talent are screening you through your website. 

So, how are you ranking in that area? Is your website helping you attract those brilliant minds of the future, or do they pass you over and keep looking?

Don’t worry, it’s not all doom and gloom. The best time to make a change is now and we’ve provided a few key steps you can take to start leveraging your website to attract the best talent and the best employees NOW!

A Mobile-Friendly Website v. A Unique Mobile Experience

If your website is mobile-friendly, you’re on the right track. But the mobile experience is quite a different story. Your website must be optimized for the mobile experience to measure up and work for you in attracting great talent AND great clients.

According to Google, there are 27.8 billion more search queries performed on mobile than on desktop.  No this isn’t an SEO blog, but this one stat alone suggests that you as a business should be thinking about mobile-first.

When a visitor makes their way to your website on their mobile, does it load quickly, are they able to find what they need quickly, AND if you’re inviting them to take some action, is it simple and fast enough to warrant their follow through?

If you’re thinking it’s about your potential clients, sure it is BUT in 2019 Glassdoor reported that 58% of job seekers use their mobile devices to search for jobs.  Convinced yet?

Your Careers WebPage and Hiring Process

If you have one, GREAT! Now get that button up to the front page of your website, in an easy to find location, and create a small primer section that will attract a click to learn more on your careers page.

This is where you make the case that working for your company is the right career move for them.  Like a perfect client, prospective employees are screening you for a sense of what it would be like to work with you and your team.

In addition to the basics (benefits, executive bios, corporate values and mission, company history), offer links to your blog and social media pages, and consider adding video: a virtual tour of the office, interviews with existing employees about their experience working for the company to really give people a feel for what your company culture is like. Be as real and open as possible.  You want to attract the RIGHT employees and presenting a façade will only disappoint you and the candidates when they get to their interviews wasting valuable time and energy for everyone.

Your Online Application

Don’t forget mobile friendly and mobile experience.  Simple, fast loading, and easy to fill out.  There’s no need to sacrifice function for simplicity.  Use a form that will allow your candidates to upload a cover letter and full resume.  So many companies don’t and that’s a missed opportunity.

A cover letter invites your application to demonstrate who they are and their unique value to you, their prospective employer.

Not to mention leaving valuable clues about their attention to detail, communication skills, and their overall passion for your industry, your business, and your product or service.

The Rest of Your Website and Digital Visibility

Your website provides a great first opportunity to gather interesting information from your candidates. But it also tells your candidates a lot about what you do, how you do it, and what separates you from other potential employers.

As you carefully craft your messaging throughout your website, your newsletters, your blogs, and your social media profiles include subscribe buttons and social links to bring your candidates and your perfect clients to your content.  Then, create thoughtful and relevant content regularly across every digital channel you can.

The message you’re sending should drive home the idea that you and your company will provide the most attractive and relevant career opportunity for your candidate, even when the content you’re putting out on each channel is not directly aimed at your candidates, they will convey these messages when they are relevant to your perfect clients.

Just think about what motivates employees to seek a career change, negative work environments, need for growth, and an opportunity to realize one’s career aspirations.  When your website and digital spaces like social media are answering the true questions and needs of prospective clients and employees, you will undoubtedly attract more of the perfect applicants when you post your jobs on social media and on your favourite job boards.

Of course, we’d love to help you get the most of your website and your digital spaces.  It starts with a conversation.  613.331.3252

Digital Marketing Marketing Strategy

Know Your Business, Know Your Value

Youre an expert in your business.  

You know your business or product better than anyone and you know the value you bring to your clients. 

But have you written that information down and used it consistently? Have you clearly stated your value proposition in digital spaces such as your website and your Facebook page?  

Your value proposition is ultimately a brief explanation to clients and customers as to why they should purchase from you or hire you instead of someone else. Essentially, your value proposition is an outline of what makes you unique. 

For example, our unique value proposition at Stone City Digital Inc. is that, “We build and implement digital marketing strategies while educating, engaging and empowering our clients to participate fully in their digital marketing strategy through their entire business lifecycle.” Our purpose at Stone City Digital Inc. is to teach businesses to fish rather than to sell them fish.  

Now, consider your own business: 

  • What is it that your business does? 
  • How does it make your clients lives better? 
  • How do you do it? 
  • How does your competition do it? 
  • Why are you the best choice above all other competitors? 

Spend a little time with these questions if you haven’t already, and write down your answers. Writing this information down is key to focusing your business’ purpose and offeringsAttempt to combine your answers into a nice and tidy little statement in one or two sentences (or even less).   

If you’re finding that you are having a little trouble composing your unique value proposition, check out Strategyzer’s explanation here: