Digital Marketing - Tactics v. Strategy

October 18, 2018

Why your advertising isn't working

As a business owner myself I am often, almost daily, approached about some new way to advertise my business. Some new online tool that is going to revolutionize my business. The tools could be super useful and the advertising method may actually attract attention and maybe even clients...


The reality; however, is more often than not, the advertising doesn't result in new clients and business owners like us are left feeling like we threw our money away.  


A few questions every business owners should be asking themselves when it comes to their advertising and marketing opportunities...


  1. If I'm attracting attention ... what do I have in place to make sure its the right kind of attention.

  2. Do I have tools working for me that ensure that I achieve the maximum benefit of the attention I get.

  3. The buyers cycle is about the clients decision making process, how am helping the clients inform their process and move them closer towards trusting my business.

  4. If Im getting attention and maybe even phone calls and opportunities to create clients from the attention, am I properly positioned to do so. Can I handle the work. 

This is where the advertisers and marketers calling you with a new way to market run into trouble.  They call and tell you about all of the reach you are going to get because you bought in to the advertising opportunity they have to offer you.  What they don't do is help you make sure you are set up to create clients from your advertising and marketing efforts.


This is where your Strategy comes in.  Before choosing a tactic, a business must consider some basic business and marketing plan essentials.


  • Who is my business?

  • What Do we do? Why are we better than the others?

  • What problem do we solve for clients?

  • Who are my clients?

  • Where do my clients come from - how do I find them?

  • Who is my favourite client?

  • Where do I find them?

  • Who are my competitors? Who do my favourite clients think are my competitors?

  • If I receive more phone calls or sell more products, can I handle that? Do I have a growth strategy.

  • What's the true lifetime value of a client?

  • Does my pricing structure support the cost of growth?


It's only after we back up a little and ensure that these essentials have been considered, that we can write a marketing plan that includes a social media and digital marketing strategy for your business.


The Digital Strategy itself must include a plan for nurturing your perfect client along through the buying cycle of your business whether the buying cycle is a 15 minute cycle, an 8 week cycle or even a 1 year cycle.


This part of the Strategy is the magic potion of a Digital Marketing Strategy and very few of your marketing calls will ever help you with this.


"When I think about it, here at Stone City Digital Inc. this magic potion is our differentiator. It is what makes us unique and we stand out from the crowd.


Our on boarding process takes our clients back to the essentials and we build in a prospect nurturing sequence for our clients before we implement any digital marketing at all."


Anyone can post an ad on Google or on Facebook. The tools are relatively easy to use. You can push out the message easily, just like running a radio ad. Yes people will hear about you for sure. They may even mention the ad when they become a client. But what they don't share is the journey they took to decide to become your client.


Stage 1 - they heard the radio ad - they saw a bus bench billboard soon after the radio ad - then they looked up your business on google, went to your website to check out pricing - they noticed your google reviews, two were 5 stars but there was a 2 star review there too - finally they checked out your competitors and decided to hold off a bit.


Stage 2 - A few weeks later an ad popped up on Facebook while they were watching a funny video - No Action. - A few days later, while on YouTube, a quick 6 second commercial popped up in their music video - No Action.


Stage 3 - A need pops up and they shouldn't delay the purchase any more, they head back to your website... There they find a welcome back message with a coupon. - They visit your competitors website too. No coupon. - They decide to complete the purchase with you, because their product isn't better than yours, and they know your company better, they've seen more of you. Oh and now your product or service is on sale.


What a great digital marketer brings to the table is being able to help you reach your perfect clients and bring them to trust you enough to choose you when they are ready to buy.


There's no magic bullet to any marketing. Yes we use tactics and some commonly used tools that anyone else can use.  However, we address the essential questions above by ensuring that you have a Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy that includes a plan for nurturing your perfect client along through the buying cycle of your business.  


The next time you interact with someone who has an advertising opportunity for you, ask yourself, is this tactic going to help bring me my perfect client and get them into my buyers cycle so I can nurture my relationship with them?


If your answer is no, or even I don't know... Call us, we can help.



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