Know Your Business - Know Your Value

February 25, 2018

You are an expert in your business. 


You know your business or product better than anyone and you know the value you bring to the table for your clients.


But have you written it down well?  Have you clearly stated your value proposition in your digital spaces like your website and your facebook page? 


Your value proposition is ultimately the brief explanation to clients and consumers as to why they should purchase from you or hire you above all others.  What makes you unique and special.


Our unique value proposition for Stone City Digital Inc. for example is… “We build and implement digital marketing strategies while educating, engaging and empowering our clients to participate fully in their digital marketing strategy through their entire business lifecycle.”  Our point at Stone City Digita Inc. is to teach businesses to fish rather than to offer to sell them fish. 


Now, turn your attention to your business:

  • What is it that your business does?

  • How does it make your client's life better?

  • How do you do it?

  • How does your competition do it?

  • Why are you the best choice above all other competitors?

Spend a little time with these questions, if you haven’t already, and write down your answers. 


Now, attempt to write your answers into a nice and tidy little statement like ours, in one or two sentences, less even.   See some real life examples below.


If you are finding that you are having a little trouble, check out Strategyzer’s explanation here.  It might help.

Have you arrived at your Value Proposition?  Great! 


Now Take Action!

Take a look at all of your Digital assets, Website, Facebook, Istagram, twitter, take a look at your non digital assets, pamphlets, Ad placements, business cards… 

  • Is your value Proposition communicated clearly there? 

  • When you create a post, are you confirming your value proposition in some way?

Not sure, ask your staff, ask your favourite client, ask your closest friends.  


Please don’t change anything yet, but make a note of what you think you might need to change.  We have a few more steps to take until you're ready to make some changes. 


Next week, Step 2 will lead us through Know your Client/Customer. 


Examples of Great Value Propositions













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