SEO Audit Process

Optimal online visibility: search, build, remove, and fine tune. reverse engineer. 

This industry specific case study report follows the first step in our SEO audit process.


You made the MSP501 list.  

Discover the top three ways your digital presence is helping your business qualify for list like these and more.

Step One

Digital Visibility Analysis™

In order to make you search engine optimized we need to see how you look online based on how your clients find you online. We call this process the Digital Visibility Analysis™.

 The results of this analysis will reveal gaps and opportunities so that you can capitalize on scoring high profit clients every time they go searching online.

1. Search your domain

Enter your domain into a google search. See how you score on your own name search.

2. Search as if you were your customer

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3. Select top searched domains

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4. Run automated analytics report

Performance. Top referrals, Competitive analysis, Key word gaps. Paid traffic vs organic traffic. Backlinks: Make sure they connect, if not then connect the link. Review social shares.

5. Run intuitive analytics review

Manually review the site as a team and look at what the best competition site have and add what you are missing. Elevate where your competition is doing things right.

Recommendations for Gaps & Opportunities

Empirical data on your DVA report. 

Empirical data on your competition DVA report. Reverse engineer your competitions success and make it your competitive advantage. 

Gaps between your DVA report and your competition DVA report. 

Opportunities that your customers don’t know about that you can capitalize on to land high profit customers directly from google search results. 

Get answers to subjective hunches, with objective evidence so that you can make the right decisions on how to market your brand online. 

Get High search authority in your industry. 

Update and get rid of fluff. Compare yourself to your self over time, and rewrite and update content so that your online brand is more relevant to your audience. Delete what doesn’t make sense. Provide the best experience: 

• Search that keyword on Google and look at all the pages that rank for that key word. 

• What do pages have that you don’t have.

Step Two

Take a closer look!

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