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The top three reasons why
your site is scoring high

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Above average
key words

Strong customer targeted key words benefit you two ways: 
1. You will rank higher on search engines for some key words
2. Your customers will have an immediate connection with your company because you are talking about what they are searching for.
Find your key word score
with a digital audit
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content funnel 

A strong sales and content funnel is your open door to qualified leads.
A broken funnel can frustrate your customers and potential leads.
Grow your qualified leads
with a content funnel audit
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Lower levels of industry jargon

Jargon may help you sound smart with your peers, but it will not impress your customers.
Keep your language simple and understandable. If you use acronyms, explain them in parentheses right away. Listen to the way your customers talk and use the same words.
See if your customers understand your language
with brand audit

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