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Christy Falkenberg, President

There's no denying it.  Every business must have an online presence.  Even if your main target market doesn't seem to be online statistics show

that 80% of consumers are more inclined to purchase from you if they find a credible, authentic Facebook page associated with your business.  


At Stone City Digital Inc. we are passionate about helping you and your business go digital.  Whether you've been digital for quite some time, and you need to delegate so you can focus on delivering on your business priorities, or you've never ventured into the digital space for your business, we can help. 


Our competitors are busy trying to sell you the most recent "10 Secrets to instant online success for only $99/month".  What they are selling are tactics that, if they ever work for you at all, will stop working at random when the algorithm of the channel changes.  


We at Stone City Digital move with you beyond the tactics, to help you build an effective digital marketing strategy that will expand your digital presence, increase your client acquisition, improve your client retention and ultimately strengthen your business.  


Our team has more than 50 years combined experience in business and donor development, sales and marketing, relationship management, content creation, movie and music production, as well as in digital marketing.  We have the skills and certifications needed to give you confidence in our ability to provide a well researched, well tested strategy combined with consistent implementation and the agility to pivot when the digital space changes something unexpectedly.  

Call us now, book a call or reach out by e-mail.  We would love to talk, let you get to know us and explore how we might work together on your digital marketing strategy. 


946 Hudson Drive

Kingston, Ontario, K7M5K6


Tel: 613.331.3252


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