Brand Audit Process

A full brand audit has many steps, and requires a considerable amount of resources to perform. A strong brand audit follows a thorough process and excellent tools. The result is insights to help you allure and land high profit clients. 

This industry specific case study report follows the first step in our brand audit process.


You made the MSP501 list.  

Discover the top three ways your digital presence is helping your business qualify for list like these and more.

Step One

Brand Culture
Spectrum Analysis

The first process we use to understand how you are communicating to your current and potential customers is our innovative Brand Culture Spectrum Analysis™.

The results of this analysis always reveal gaps and opportunities in your communications specific to your target audience. We use these insights to position your brand to target high profit customers.


MSP Industry
Case Study Report

Based on a Brand Culture Spectrum Analysis™ of 20 companies from the MSP 501 list we discovered four significant insights that will help you optimally position your brand online. Our research looked at C-suite corporate customer personas who interact with the MSP industry every day. We then compared the cultural values of those customer personas with the direct and indirect communication of the 20 MSPs.

C-suite persona characteristic results

#1 Achievement: Personal success through demonstrating competence according to social standards. 

#2 Self-Direction: Independence in thought and action­— choosing, creating, and exploring.

#3 Stimulation & Power: Excitement, novelty, and challenge in life. Social status and prestige, control or dominance over people and resources


20 MSPs from the 501 list

#1 Security: Safety, harmony, and stability of society, of relationships, and of the self. 

#2 Tradition: Respect, commitment, and acceptance of the customs and ideas that one’s culture and religion impose on the self. 

#3 Achievement & Power: Personal success through demonstrating competence according to social standards. Social status and prestige, control or dominance over people and resources.


Gaps & Opportunities for MSP Brands

1. Show more innovation: Another word for self direction is innovation. A strong brand should not be afraid of communicating its strengths. Innovation is the ability to add accelerated value to a customer. MSPs can get their customers to a higher level of productivity much faster than they could on their own. Currently, most MSPs are forgetting to talk about one of their biggest strengths, and potential clients are looking for this strength. 

2. Make your core products/services client facing: Surprisingly, your number one product/service, is not the number one value of your potential clients. However, it is the number one thing they need in order to keep operating successfully. Shift the way you communicate security so that speaks to the prominent values of your potential clients. 

3. Make your client’s the hero’s: You and your potential clients both highly value achievement and power. So remember, you are not the hero in your customer’s story, they are. Focus on how you can bring them more achievements and success, and focus less on your achievements. 

4. Focus on your unique selling point: Tradition is the opposite of innovation which is one of your key selling points. It is usually the typical list of any product or services. It’s the feature and it’s not the core benefit. Customers want benefits, so you will need to reach higher than features.

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