Our Mission

Stone City Digital Inc. partners with small to medium sized businesses to leverage innovative and creative digital marketing strategies and provide value to their perfect customers.


Our Vision

Digital marketing is the wild west; many can try it, but few have mastered it. As digital marketing experts, Stone City Digital Inc.’s vision is to calm the noise of digital marketing and focus on the most effective and beneficial strategies for your unique business needs.

Our Story

Stone City Digital Inc. was founded in 2017 by Christy Falkenberg. Christy is a mother, founder, and business owner. Her diverse career experience working in politics, at the Royal Bank, and now in digital marketing has allowed her to utilize her many skills and fulfill her array of passions and interests. Christy is actively involved in her community in Kingston, Ontario and values both her personal and business relationships. Stone City Digital Inc. began as a solo-preneur operation and has transformed into an efficient and thriving digital marketing firm committed to growth and success.

Our 3 Core Values

We understand that there are many challenges that come with running a business. That’s why at Stone City Digital Inc. running a business is real life.

Be authentic. We appreciate honesty and originality. All are welcome here.

Be bold. The best things happen once you step outside of your comfort zone. Have courage and take risks.

Be creative. Express and experiment with your inner creative. Creativity leads to innovation.

What really amazes me about the Stone City Digital Inc. team is that as digital marketing tactics change and we run into something new or different, they go out and find the information needed to be able to market my business in a better way. I think this is the most important thing that anybody should know about Christy and her team. They’re not followers, they’re leaders!

Our Team


The team at Stone City Digital Inc. aims to create a bond to do business well. We are avid communicators that work diligently to unlock your business’ potential. Our community is built on trust and a commitment to process with a side of creativity and fun. Stone City Digital Inc. believes in collaboration, which is why each of our employee’s possess unique skills and qualifications along with a drive for continuous learning.

Our team has more than 50 combined years of experience in digital marketing, business and donor development, sales and marketing, relationship management, content creation, and audio/visual production. We are confident in our ability to provide you with a well-researched and tested strategy. Combined with consistent implementation and the agility to pivot when the digital space changes unexpectedly, we are ready to move with you and your business through the digital marketing process wherever you are.

Book a call with us or reach out by e-mail to ask about our services and explore how Stone City Digital Inc. can work with you to develop your ideal digital marketing strategy.

Stone City Digital Inc.
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